Talented Students Sponsorship (TSS) supports 20 low income meritorious students per year in the Sunderbans, West Bengal, India with financial aid for books, tuition, boarding, and nutritional supplements.
Talented Students Sponsorship (TSS) is an AiducateNow initiative to support low income students (family income less than $50/month) from the Sunderbans, West Bengal, India who has high dropout rates due to high rates of poverty and pressure to work to support families. Starting in 2008, we support 20 students annually with the financial assistance for books, tuition, boarding and nutritional supplements. 
The dropout rate of the program is nearly zero.

Till date all supported students graduating from college have been well placed in their career.

 Each supported student in Arts/humanities curriculum receives $150 per year while the those in Science and Engineering receive  $300 per year.
The annual academic reports and overall progress of the students being supported are supervised  by our partner  Mukti India who works at the grass root level with these students.

Mukti India coordinators also provide support to the students in managing finances, career counselling and family issues and intervene in cases where dropout is eminent or academic progress is not as expected.
The efficacy of the project, the fact that it is and will be nurturing the impoverished young minds, is closely monitored by MUKTI India and AiducateNow Teams.

All sponsors receive an annual progress report with their sponsored  student grades and assessment from Mukti India coordinator.