A Child without education, is like a bird without wings

support aiducatenow in its mission to STEM empower children living in shelters in the Bay Area. 

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Let us be a Santa this festive season

We are immensely pleased to announce the successful launch of Toys4Kids crowdfunding campaign initiated by our beloved volunteer Kasturi Basu.

Kasturi is a dedicated educator/mentor who has changed the lives of many deserving children by facilitating education and guiding them. Proceeds from this fundraiser will help buy STEAM toys for the children living in various shelters in and around SF bay area.
Let us extend our support in her efforts to bring joy and smile to these beautiful children this festive season. All of us could be a Santa and help a little to spread the joy so that no child is left behind this holiday season.
Your participation last year made a huge difference in the lives of these children and helped them have a joyful holiday season.

Let us be that Santa again!